Testimonies of Healing

God’s healing power is alive and well and it is yours for the asking. We’ve received so many reports of God healing and touching the lives of those who dare to believe. What healing miracle are you believing for?


“I attended the Monday night healing service on February 4, 2013 and received a healing overhaul. I was healed of 3 bulging discs that have caused pain in my neck and shoulders for over 18 years. My thyroid was brought into balance and I am no longer taking any medication. I was also healed of arthritis in my hands and fingers. I believe that God replaced the meniscus in my right knee that had been surgically removed because now I am pain free. I was also healed of chronic sinusitis and allergies and I no longer require medication. My liver and blood were also healed.”

— Jim, Ocean Springs


“I went to the doctor back in December and had an MRI and was diagnosed with extensive sinus disease. Last Monday I went to the healing service…for those of you who may doubt that God is still healing today even though His Word says that He is the same yesterday, today and forever… After the service I returned to my doctor and they said my sinuses are PERFECT! TAKE THAT DEVIL! Jesus is the ultimate physician! I give praise and glory to my God who heals all my diseases!”

— Brandy, Mobile, AL


“Pastor Grantham came to our church for a healing service. I had been suffering with a viral infection in my left eye. As the Spirit of God entered the auditorium, Pastor Grantham asked that we touch the part of our body which needed healing. Without even thinking about my eye, I immediately, began to pray for healing in my knees which had also been bothering me for months. Pastor Grantham began to call our ailments for healing and he said the Spirit spoke to him of someone with an eye problem. Within minutes of him speaking it, I realized that my eye was no longer watering. I could see clearly and my knees were feeling great!!”

— Cheryl


“Haley, a 9 year old girl, was healed at one of your healing services from a severe skin rash that covered her arms and legs and caused itching and burning. Psoriasis runs in the family and this rash looked just like Psoriasis. During the service you called out by Word of Knowledge for someone with a skin condition to come forward because God was healing them. When Haley returned home from the service she told her mother that when you laid hands upon her that she felt a burning inside her body. The next morning the rash was still there but it was looking much better. A few days later the rash was completely gone!”

— Robin


“At the age of 11, I was in an accident, and as a result the cartilage in my hip began to deteriorate. By the time I was an adult the cartilage was completely gone. Because of this condition I was forced to wear lifts in one of my shoes because my legs were uneven. I also suffered from lower back pain and when I walked there was a grinding sound in my hip. During a service, Pastor Joel had a Word of Knowledge that God was healing someone who had a “popping in their hip”. I came forward and after you laid hands on me I immediately began to run and jump and praise God! Today, I no longer wear lifts in my shoes because my legs are the same length. The grinding sound and the pain in my back is also gone! I now have total mobility and can do things that I could never do before!”

— Roxanne


“I had been experiencing much pain in my left hip and lower back when I attended the healing service with Joel Grantham. During the service as Pastor Joel was ministering healing he called up several who had various conditions such as nerve damage, diabetes and others. Many glorious healings occurred before my eyes! He then called out for anyone else who wanted healing to come up front. As I came forward the healing anointing and presence of God was thick and tangible. As he placed his hands on my head I fell to the ground under the power of God. All I can say is that it felt like I was getting a spinal adjustment from the Holy Spirit!”

— Jody

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