Day 92: A Package Deal

Day 92: A Package Deal
April 1, 2015 Joel Grantham

“He also brought them out with silver and gold, and there was none feeble among His tribes.”  Psalm 105:37

For over four hundred years the Jewish people had been slaves in the land of Egypt. God delivered them from their captivity the same night that they ate the Passover Lamb.  Yet, they didn’t come out empty handed.  They came out rich and healed!

Most theologians agree that there were at least three million Jews who came out of Egypt during the exodus.  And not even one of them had a headache or a backache.  The Bible says that they were all healed!

Israel’s deliverance from Egypt is a perfect type and shadow of our salvation through Jesus Christ.  Like Israel, we too were slaves.  Yet, we were not slaves to Pharaoh, but to the devil and to sin.  And just like the Jewish people so long ago, we too were delivered from our bondage the day that we received The Lamb of God, applying His blood to our hearts by faith.

Did you know that financial prosperity and physical healing was included in your salvation?  It sure is!  As if being forgiven for your sins was not enough, God also set us free from the curse of poverty and sickness!  It is a package deal!  Just like Israel, physical healing comes with your redemption from sin.

Have you ever stopped to think about the truth that this amazing verse of Scripture contains for you and me today?  Try to imagine three million people, and not even one of them is sick!  Now that is a miracle!

When were they healed?  You must remember that they were slaves, and as such they were not given the best medical care, or even fed a very nutritious diet; not to mention the toil that the long hard hours of manual labor would have taken on their bodies.  It is easy to assume that there was much sickness and disease among them.  Yet, on the SAME NIGHT that they ate the Passover Lamb, a type and shadow of Jesus Christ on the cross, they were all physically healed!  If they were healed when they partook of a type and shadow of Christ, how much more should we be healed when we partake of the real thing?

Physical healing is included in your salvation.  You do not have to be sick anymore than you have to be bound by sin.  On the cross, Jesus paid for all of your sins and all of your disease.  Why don’t you go ahead and take advantage of your complete redemption?  After all, it has already been paid for.


Confession:   Physical healing and financial prosperity has been included in my salvation.  Today, I receive the Lamb of God, not only for the forgiveness of my sins, but also for the healing of my body. 


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