Day 85: Sickness Is Evil

Day 85: Sickness Is Evil
March 25, 2015 Joel Grantham

‘”An evil disease,’ they say, ‘clings to him.  And now that he lies down, he will rise up no more.’” Psalm 41:8

Nowhere in Scripture is sickness ever referred to as something good or called a blessing from God.  It’s not even a blessing in disguise!  From Genesis to Revelation, God’s Word is clear; sickness comes from the devil to destroy us, not from God to teach us!

In Acts 10:38 sickness is called “oppression of the devil”.  In Luke 13:16 it is referred to as “bondage from Satan”.  In Job 42:10 (KJV) it is called “captivity”.  In Psalm 107:20 disease is called “destruction” and here in Psalm 41:8 it is referred to as “evil”.

According to God’s Word, He only gives GOOD GIFTS to His children.  That means that He could never be the author of sickness and disease.  Look at what James 1:17 says, “Every GOOD GIFT and every perfect gift IS FROM ABOVE, and comes down from the Father of lights, with Whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.”

In Acts 10:38 healing is referred to as “GOOD” when it says of Jesus, “Who went about DOING GOOD and HEALING ALL who were oppressed by the devil.”  The scriptures are clear; healing is a good gift that comes from God and sickness is an evil bondage that comes from the devil. Settle it once and for all; God does not give people sickness and disease!

In Matthew 7:11 Jesus tells us that God desires to give His children “good gifts” more than we desire to give our children good things.  Do you want your own children to be healthy?  Well, God’s desire for His children to be healthy is greater than your desire for your kids to be healthy!  Would you ever intentionally make your children sick so you could teach them a lesson?  I certainly hope not!  Not only is it morally wrong, it is illegal.  How could we accuse God of doing something so horrible to His children?

God is a GOOD God who only gives GOOD gifts to His children.  The glory of God is the fullness of Who God is.   In Exodus 33 when Moses asked God to show him His glory, God replied by saying that He would make all His goodness pass before him.  What about God’s badness?  It doesn’t exist!  There is no badness in God, only goodness!  God is goodness personified!

God is totally good, and the devil is totally bad.  There is no badness in God, and there is no goodness in the devil.  God is the Author of health and healing, and Satan is the author of sickness and disease!


Confession: God is good, and the devil is bad.  It is God’s will for me to be healed because healing is a good gift that comes from God.  All sickness is evil and it comes from the devil


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