Day 75: Seeking God’s Face, Not His Hand

Day 75: Seeking God’s Face, Not His Hand
March 15, 2015 Joel Grantham

“Now acquaint yourself with Him, and be at peace; thereby good will come to you.”  Job 22:21

In Jeremiah 29:13 God said, “And you will seek ME and find ME, when you search for ME with all your heart.”  Most people are seeking the wrong thing in prayer!  They are praying for the wrong reason!  God did not say that we should seek for things when we pray.  He said that we should seek for Him.

In Psalm 105:4 we are told, “Seek the Lord and His strength; SEEK HIS FACE evermore!”  What does it mean to seek God’s face?  The Hebrew word translated “Face” is the exact same word translated as “Presence” when referring to God’s presence.  To seek God’s face literally means to seek His manifest presence.  It means to pray for the very purpose of coming into God’s presence.

There is a big difference between seeking God’s face (God’s Person and Presence) and seeking his hand (God’s power and blessings).  I have discovered a secret to receiving from God.  Every time you seek and find God’s face in prayer you will find His hand of power as well!  The secret to the power and blessings of God is the manifest presence of God.

What is the answer?  It is simple.  Stop seeking healing and begin to seek the HEALER!  Healing is not something that God has.  Healing is someone God is!  When you find the Healer, you will receive your healing.


Prayer:  Lord, draw me closer to You and to Your Presence today.  I want to know You in Your fullness.  Lord, fill me with Your Presence.


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