Day 69: Building A Hedge Of Protection

Day 69: Building A Hedge Of Protection
March 10, 2015 Joel Grantham

“So Satan answered the Lord and said, ‘Does Job fear God for nothing?  Have You not made a hedge around him, around his household, and around all that he has on every side?  You have blessed the work of his hands, and his possessions have increased in the land.’”  Job 1:9-10

Because of the hedge of protection that God had built around his life, Job was protected  from Satan.  It wasn’t until after the hedge was broken that Satan was able to afflict Job with sickness and disease (Job 2:7).  Like Job, God wants to place a hedge of protection around your life, keeping sickness and disease away.  So let’s look at the scripture closely to learn how a hedge of protection gets built and what areas of your life it will protect.

In Job 1:5 we learn that Job was a man who understood the power of the blood covenant.  This verse tells us that Job offered animal sacrifices to God continually.  Of course, it was God Himself who instituted the blood covenant when He killed the first sacrifice, clothing Adam and Eve after they sinned revealing that only blood can make an atonement for sin (Leviticus 17:11).

We know that Jesus shed His blood on the cross redeeming us from sin and sickness.  Yet, it isn’t until we put our faith in His blood that its power is activated in our life.  Every time we apply the blood of Jesus with our words, a hedge of protection goes up.  Here in Job 1:10 we learn that the blood of Jesus will build a hedge of protection around at least five areas of your life.

First, the blood will protect you from harm, for Satan said, “Have you not made a hedge about him?”  Secondly, we know that the blood will protect your family because Satan said, “Around his household.”  The third area that the blood of Jesus will cover is our possessions.  We know this because Satan said, “Around all that he has on every side.”  The last two areas that the blood will protect, is our work and our influence because Satan said, “You have blessed the work of his hands, and his substance is increased in the land.”

Now, as long as the hedge of protection remains in place Satan will not be able to afflict you with sickness or disease.  But if the hedge ever goes down, Satan will have access to your life.  Ecclesiastes 10:8 in the King James Version declares, “Whoso breaketh an hedge, a serpent shall bite him.”  So keep the hedge of protection up over your life and home by applying the blood of Jesus Christ daily!  Sickness and disease cannot penetrate the shed blood of Jesus Christ!

Confession:  I apply the blood of Jesus to my life, my body and my home by faith.  I thank you Lord, that a hedge of protection is built up around me and that sickness and disease cannot afflict my body. 

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  1. keijo leppioja 5 years ago

    Help and pray you too for me in my the fight against false doctrine who not confess Jesus blood in salvation,but use own victims to save alot place in Scandinavien,thanks for helping,bless,keijo sweden

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