Day 37: It Is Not God’s Will For You To Be Sick

Day 37: It Is Not God’s Will For You To Be Sick
February 5, 2015 Joel Grantham

 “And the Lord will take away from you all sickness, and will afflict you with none of the terrible diseases of Egypt which you have known, but will lay them on all those who hate you.”  Deuteronomy 7:15

Sickness does not belong to the child of God!  Sickness belongs only to His enemies.  It is never God’s will for a Christian to be sick.

Of course this mighty promise was made to the nation of Israel as they came out of Egypt.  However, because we are children of God by faith in Christ Jesus, we have been “grafted into” the nation of Israel (see Romans 11:17).  They are Jews outwardly, but we are Jews inwardly (see Romans 2:29).  Galatians 3:7 tells us that all of the promises that God made to the children of Abraham under the Old Covenant belong to us today under the New Covenant.  And we must not forget Ephesians 2:12-13 that says that before we received Jesus as Savior we were “strangers from the covenants of promise”, but now in Christ Jesus we have “been brought near.”

If God promises to take sickness away from us, then why do so many Christians attribute their sickness to God by saying that He is trying to teach them something?  James 1:13 clearly tells us that God does not use evil to teach His children.  “Let no one say when he is tempted (word also means tested), “I am tempted by God”; for God cannot be tempted by evil (in the Greek it is plural; evils), NOR DOES HE HIMSELF TEMPT (or test) ANYONE.”

Time and time again throughout the Scriptures God reveals Himself as the One who takes away sickness and disease, not as the One who gives sickness or disease.  It is not His will for you to suffer with pain or disease in your body!


Confession:  Sickness does not belong in my body because I have a covenant of health and healing with God Almighty through His Son, Jesus Christ.


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