Day 135: Healing Through The Ministry Of The Pastor

Day 135: Healing Through The Ministry Of The Pastor
May 17, 2015 Joel Grantham

Day 135:  Healing Through The Ministry Of The Pastor

“The weak you have not strengthened, nor have you healed those who were sick, nor bound up the broken, nor brought back what was driven away, nor sought what was lost; but with force and cruelty you have ruled them.  So they were scattered because there was no shepherd; and they became food for all the beasts of the field when they were scattered.”  Ezekiel 34:4-5

Throughout the Bible God’s people are referred to as sheep.  One example is found in Psalm 100:3 which says, “Know that the Lord, He is God; it is He Who has made us, and not we ourselves; WE ARE HIS PEOPLE AND THE SHEEP OF HIS PASTURE.”  One of the primary characteristics of sheep is that they need a shepherd in order to survive.  Think about it, have you ever seen or heard of a wild sheep?  Sheep cannot survive without the care of a shepherd.

In John 10:11 Jesus referred to Himself as, “The good Shepherd.”  In 1 Peter 5:4, Peter calls Jesus “The Chief Shepherd,” referring to His position as the head of the church.  (See Ephesians 1:22.)  However, if you look carefully at the scriptures you will find that the Bible mentions that there are other shepherds that oversee and care for His flock.  The Bible refers to these shepherds as PASTORS.

In Acts 20:28 Paul, while addressing the leaders of the church of Ephesus says, “Therefore take heed to yourselves and to ALL THE FLOCK, among which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers, TO SHEPHERD THE CHURCH OF GOD which He purchased with His own blood.”  And in Ephesians 4:11 the Apostle Paul refers to the ministry of the pastor using the Greek word Poimen, which means shepherd.

Here in Ezekiel chapter 34 we find a strong rebuke by God for the spiritual leaders of Israel.  By reading this rebuke we can see that the ministry of the pastor should not only include feeding people God’s Word (Ezekiel 34:2), strengthening the weak, binding up the broken, restoring the backslider and winning the lost, but it should also include HEALING THE SICK!

According to Jesus in Matthew 9:36, every person needs to be under the care and ministry of a local pastor/shepherd.  Since physical healing is one of the ministries of the pastor, and it is God’s will for everyone to have a pastor, that would mean that healing is God’s will for every person.

In James 5:14 and 15 we find more detailed instructions on how the pastors are to minister healing to the sick.  We will look a little closer at these verses when we come to the book of James in our daily study.  However, the truth that I want you to see today is that physical healing is just as much a ministry of the church as winning the lost, restoring the backslider, binding up the broken and teaching people the Word of God.

Is the church that you attend obeying God’s command to bring healing to the sick?  Sadly, a lot of churches offer prayer for the sick during their services, but very few are actually ministering healing to the sick.  In Matthew 10:8, Jesus told His disciples to “heal the sick”; He did not say, “pray for the sick.”  One major hindrance to receiving healing is being under the spiritual authority of a pastor who does not teach and preach that it is God’s will to heal the sick.  If you find yourself in this situation, I suggest that you find another church to attend.  Your physical health and well being depends upon it!


Prayer:  Thank You Lord for the ministry of the pastor.  As my Chief Shepherd I ask you to lead me to the pastor that You have appointed to be over my life. 

Confession: The moment my pastor lays his hands upon me I will receive my healing!


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